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Established 20 years ago, Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC) is a non-profit educational center licensed by the New York State Department of Health. We are based in Brooklyn. Contact us today!

Our mission is to support the development of children in New York City in discovering their full potential.  Expressions seeks to achieve this goal by providing educational resources and support, life skills training, cultural and evironmental programs to children and families.

WELCOME TO Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC)

Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC) is currently committed to providing school-age children (ages 4+ to 13) a nurturing, supervised place to do homework, bolster academic skills, cultivate communication skills, encourage expression through arts, participate in physical activity and exposure to new educational endeavors. Expressions’ programs focus on building upon each child’s individual strengths and interests.

Our conviction is that schools will be invigorated as youth, parents and communities become more involved and productive. We ensure that our programs target all areas of a child’s development: language, cognitive, socio-emotional and physical. With a strong program offering it only sets up participants for success in and outside of the classroom.

Expressions recognizes and acts on the critical contribution that adequate food and good nutrition are required for academic success. Nutrition can affect a child’s physical development, behavior and cognition.

This a cornerstone of our program as studies show that children who are hungry or malnourished have difficulty concentrating and learning.

The students are provided with nutritious snack upon arrival and supper made on site before they leave for the evening.

Expressions strives to enhance overall well-being – health, social relationships, peer and family interactions – and the community environment as they relate to academic pursuits.

State-of-The-Art Center

Here at Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC), we recognize that children are the future of tomorrow! This is why, we need to help them become better human beings and succeed in life in order to better shape the society.

At Expressions, your child will thrive and learn under the constant supervision of our highly qualified team. We provide educational resources and support, life skills training, and cultural and environmental programs.

Our goal is to help children grow emotionally, socially, and physically. Call today!

We help children grow emotionally, socially, and physically

Childcare Facility, Brooklyn After School Program, Brooklyn  Summer Camp, Brooklyn

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A Highly Qualified and Friendly Team

With years of experience, Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC) is committed to delivering child-centered programs to children between 4+ to 13 years of age!

We offer:

  • Educational resources and support
  • Life skill training
  • Cultural and environmental programs
  • Vacation and Summer camp
  • After school programs and more

Working in close collaboration with each child, our highly qualified and friendly staff encourages a love for learning through creative expressions and individual instruction.

Rest assured, your child will grow and develop at his or her own pace!

Please note that during the school year we are open from 1p to 7:00p pm Monday through Friday.  Our hours of operation are extended during Vactaion and Summer Camp, 8a to 7p.  We also offer nutritious meals. Get in touch!

We will talk you through the whole process from start to finish

Childcare Facility, Brooklyn After School Program, Brooklyn  Summer Camp, Brooklyn

Hear what our Parents have to say about us!

I have noticed a great improvement in my daughter's work since I have decided to place her at Expressions Educational & Cultural Center.  Since being at Expressions my daughter was promoted to the Eagle Program, and I am a firm believer in the adage ... " it takes a village to raise a child."  The children are very focused, and they have the great care of respectful teachers who in my eyes have the knowledge and expertise to help feed their little brains with all they need to excel.

D. Milne 

Expressions Educational & Cultural Center offers children the opportunity to make friends and learn new skills.  The staff demonstrates a full range of educational, recreational and fitness activities for the children.  They teach core values and enhance leadership skills that our children can build a foundation.

L. Johnson  

My son attends the Expressions Educational & Cultural Center's after school program.  I have found this program to be effective in providing an environment that supports his learning, and also reinforces his schoolwork.

He became more focused and is eager to explore and learn on his own.  I have also seen improvement in his social skills and behavior.  I am very pleased with the services being provided for him.

K. Campbell

Expressions Educational Center is a remarkable institution for school age children.  Ms. Patsy Dunstan is the Director of the center. She is a mother and a nurturer to the children in her care. The center operates on an after-school basis during the school year, and on a full-time basis during the summer months.  All year-round students are provided with nutritional well-balanced meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner.  All children attending the Center are schooled in reading, math, and music. They have access to age-appropriate books and other materials to help engage and entice their eager minds. The games played are not only fun but there is always a learning theme behind them.  Throughout the school year there are scheduled trips to the park and library. I would highly recommend Expressions Education & Cultural Center, and I am sorry that my children are over the age to attend the center.

J. St. Kitts

Why Choose Us? :

Years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience

Nurturing environment

We care for children in an educationally-rich and nurturing environment

Professional and highly qualified team

Our staff is highly qualified and friendly

A wide range of activities

We offer a wide range of activities

To learn more about Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC), call today!

Our job is to provide the tools, expertise and the environment to foster your child’s development.

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