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Who we are

Expressions Educational & Cultural Center supports the development of children in New York City in discovering their full potential. 

Expressions seeks to achieve this goal by providing educational resources and support, life skills training, and cultural and environmental programs to children and families.


In 1990, Patsy Dunstan, a life-long educator, founded Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC). She recognized that her students needed more support to ensure that they succeeded in all areas of their life.

Within a short span of time she began to address the problem in her class by tutoring academically at-risk students after school. Her passion for education was the foundation for Expressions, a cutting-edge combination of education and youth development where hands-on, fun creative learning is the norm.

The year 2011 brought change to Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC). In partnership with her daughter, Yanique Harris, they successfully obtained non-profit status. The mother-daughter team is highly motivated and committed to removing any barriers to learning through closing the gap between schools and communities.

EECC does so much more than keep students safe. Programs are carefully thought out to ensure the curriculum is exciting to encourage students to become engaged learners.

EECC has been successful in demonstrating the ability to leverage the best of communities to help students succeed.

Through our ability and flexibility to be creative and provide individualized learning, our students are excited about learning.

Childcare Facility

Core Values

At Expressions Educational & Cultural Center (EECC), our belief is that each child deserves to grow and learn at his or her own pace. Our job is to provide the tools, expertise and the environment to foster this development. We recognize that children need to receive the support it takes to establish a strong foundation for their future. We do this in an environment that is educationally rich and nurturing.

Our commitment is to: 

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • Build a strong foundation for each child to grow emotionally, socially and physically 
  • Give the finest care and most well-rounded education possible
  • Encourage a love for learning through creative expressions and individual instruction
  • We operate an open-door policy to all parents and partner with parents in the education of their children
  • Provide the cleanest, most well-equipped facilities